Cast of Characters

MOM :  

Full-time WOHM. Lover of all things purty. Enjoys baking, photography, gardens, nature, hiking, traveling, and music. Cherishes family time, but revels in the solitude of a quiet Sunday morning while her boys are still sleeping...aaahhh...... 


Full-time WOHD. Lover of all things Burberry. Enjoys fine cars, Almond Joy gelato, real estate hunting, and traveling with his family. When not online searching for international properties, he can be found online searching for domestic properties. Oh, and his next exotic automobile acquisition, of course (a boy can dream, right?)...


Full-time almost 3nd grader. Lover of all things Titanic, Star Wars, and Legos. A thespian at heart, he enjoys playing his favorite characters to anyone within earshot. 

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